Cheap Game Console Repair Omaha
We Fix XBox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii & Wii U!

Game Repair Shop® is your one-stop shop for cheap game console repair Omaha. Name the brand. We fix & repair XBox 360, Xbox One, Sony Playstation 3 & 4 and Wii & U Consoles & controllers.

We Offer Omaha Game Store ‘Repair’ Warranty

From $25 to $120 with parts and labor included! Warranty, we supply. Ask about it! Plus, here at Game Repair Shop® Omaha we offer modding of game consoles, laptops, and IPAD cases with your company logo or design of choice, hand-painted. Tight. (jargon for cool). Video Game Case Modding in Omaha by us!

Game Repair Shop® in West Omaha. Bring your game console back from the grave!

Prices: Cheap Game Console Repair Omaha

Xbox 360 Repair Omaha

Red Ring Of Death: $60

Disk Drive Problems: $60

Not turning on: $35

Audio no Video: $60

Over Heating: $60

DVD Drive Replace: $60

Cleaning: $35

PS3 Repair Omaha

Yellow Light Of Death:$80 Blu Ray Problems: $40

Audio No Video: $80

Blu Ray laser/drive Swap: $80

Red Screen Of Death: $80

Nintendo Wii Repair Omaha

Disk Drive Problems: $40

Disk Drive Replacement: $50

New Gen Game Console Repair

PS4 Repair Omaha

Disk Drive repairs: $80

HDMI Repair: $120

Blue Light Of Death/BLOD Repair: $120

HDD Repair: $70

Power Supply Repair/Not turning on: $80

Xbox One Repair Omaha

Disk Drive Repairs: $80

HDMI Repairs: $120

HDD repair: $80

Not turning on/Motherboard issue: $80


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Is paid by buyer to and from.

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