Before Omaha Computer Repairs | Troubleshoot: PC Won’t Turn On

PC Troubleshooting Tips
Before Paying Omaha Computer Repairs

By Susan Stern Omaha —  Before you send your PC to Game Repair Shop® for Omaha Computer Repair because the PC won’t turn on, we offer some quick at-home troubleshooting suggestions.

•   Visually check your PC. Is the power cord securely attached to the wall? Is it damaged?
•   Check that brightness/contrast settings from video monitor are adjusted correctly
•   Remove all external cables, CD’s and devices from computer like USB drive, printer, etc.
•   Unplug PC for a minute and plug back in
•   Have you recently added 3rd party hardware? Temporarily disconnect devices which could be the culprit
•   If your computer is a laptop, check if bad battery is the cause. Removing & turning on with power cord only
•   Unplug computer. Connect a lamp or radio into outlet. If it doesn’t work, problem is outlet, not computer

Potential PC Power Fail Causes

After you followed these tips, try to power the PC on again. Do you see any activity at all? Is there a power light on your motherboard? If your computer powers on, but you hear a series of beeps, your CPU may be overheating, perhaps from a fan that is starting to fail.

There could be many causes: the motherboard, power supply or CPU may need to be replaced. A power-related issue may be the cause if no lights, sound or fans come on. Don’t panic, in most cases, your important data like letters, photos and the like are probably still there. We here at Game Repair Shop® will diagnose and service your Omaha Computer repair problems.

Call Us for Omaha Computer Repairs

Don’t have the time to trouble shoot yourself. No worries. Bring your PC or desktop to Game Repair Shop® for exceptional Omaha Computer Repair. We offer affordable. Omaha computer repair services that fits your budget!

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David Mitchell is a young Omaha entrepreneur who's been a techy and artist since the tender age of 14. Self-taught to repair and fix game consoles, David is becoming an up-and-coming guru in video game console and controller repair and case modding design.

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