image-david-mitchell-omaha-gamer-store EVOLUTION OF AN OMAHA GAME STORE OWNER

Young Omaha entrepreneur David Mitchell got the knack for fixing computers and video game consoles at age 13. It started with a Craig’s List purchase of a faulty Xbox, a lemon. Oops! David soon discovered that it had the dreaded ‘Red Ring of Death’ error. Not deterred, David educated himself, purchased a solder gun and fixed it!.

image-david-mitchell-omaha-game-storeA LEMON OF A CRAIG’S LIST PURCHASE TURNED INTO A BUSINESS Plan

A green light turned on for David. “I thought, wow, why not buy more non-working Xbox’s, PlayStation’s and Wii’s, repair and re-sell them. Make a business of it!” So, at the tender age of 16, that’s what David began doing out of his mother’s house – before venturing out on his own.Through a friend of a friend at college, David eventually met Susan Stern, an Omaha Marketing Consultant who developed a marketing plan, logo, video commercials, SEO and this website, at a reasonable price. Things started happening.

“She worked her magic!” That alliance put David Mitchell’s Omaha game store business on the map. People found him on the 1st page of Google, spotted his TV ads running on Cox Cable. That attracted more & more customers – as he worked out of his apartment & made deliveries. Eventually, David earned the cash to lease a brick-and-morter shop in West Omaha, which officially opened its doors In November 2012.

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